U.S. school fails Christian student
for refusing Islamic prayer

Also taught Muslims' faith is stronger than Christians'

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School pays massive fine for attacking Christians

Believers 'should be free to choose without the government meddling'

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. (video screenshot)

Doctor: Children 'terrified' by one thing from AOC

Physician says threat of world ending in 12 years no 'joke'


Claim that 1 million species threatened
has 'no source'

'It seems we're just supposed to take it on faith'

Baby (Pexels copyright-free image)-2

Hearing green-lighted
on undercover baby-body-parts videos

Had been halted for Supremes to review AG's pro-abortion bias

Premature baby feet

End the holocaust on the unborn

Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson blasts 'hissy fit' of false black leaders, liberal women

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Media man suspended for anti-trans tweet

'The whole 'I was astonished' act is tired and dishonest'

Action star Chuck Norris

If there was a Chuck Norris award for heroes ...

Exclusive: Chuck Norris applauds brave young men who saved countless lives


How about a 'real disadvantage' SAT score?

Exclusive: Lowell Ponte slams secret 'adversity' criteria for colleges

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