Today there is much discussion over whether those who want smaller government should support the Republicans or defect to a third party. Those who support the Republicans say that, despite the party’s failures, they still are better than the Democrats.

But how are they better? If you ignore what they say and pay attention only to what they do, you can see that they have emulated the Democrats in every possible way. The Republicans don’t give you what you want, so what difference does it make to you whether they win or lose?

Here are just 26 ways they have sold you out — one for each letter of the alphabet:

A is for the Asset forfeiture laws — that weren’t repealed, but given only cosmetic changes.

B is for the Budgets that just keep getting bigger and bigger.

C is for Corporate welfare — which expands and expands and expands.

D is for the Debt — which gets larger and larger, despite supposed “surpluses.”

E is for the Education and Energy Departments, which were supposed to be Eliminated, but have Expanded instead.

F is for Federalism — which continues to be trashed with every new GOP law.

G is for all the Gun control laws the Republicans have caved in on.

H is for HillaryCare – the health care takeover the Democrats couldn’t pass all at once, but which the Republicans are passing one bill at a time.

I is for IRS reform — which was almost entirely a sham.

J is for all the Judges that Clinton has nominated and the Republicans have approved, even though the Judges don’t support the Constitution.

K is for Keeping every single department and agency the Republicans promised to get rid of.

L is for Laws, Laws, and more Laws — thousands of them — passed by the Republican Congress.

M is for the Mandatory Minimum sentences, which are unconstitutional, immoral, and unjust, but the Republicans couldn’t care less.

N is for (what else?) the National Endowment for the Arts — the Republicans’ favorite fund-raising enemy, which of course they have enlarged, not eliminated.

O is for Over-regulation, which continues to get worse, despite all the GOP promises.

P is for the Pay hike for congressmen, who don’t seem to get paid enough for ruining our lives.

Q is for the Quotas that never go away, despite the endless posturing against them by Republicans.

R is for Repealing laws — something every Republican vows to do, but hasn’t gotten around to yet. When will they start — in 2009?

S is for Social Security privatization — and for the GOP transition plan, which would take 60 years to complete. (Just think, your great-grandchildren will be free from Social Security! And, by the way, I have some desert property I want you to consider.)

T is for the Tax burden, that continues to worsen for all Americans — because every “tax cut” is nothing more than rearranging the awful cost of big government, which the Republicans have done nothing to lessen.

U is for the countless Usurpations of power that the Ninth and 10th Amendments reserved for the people and the states.

V is for the Victory the Republicans declare when they pass a bill, or when they get the Democrats to tone down a bill, even though every bill passed expands government further.

W is for the Wars the Republicans always support — enthusiastically or reluctantly, but support they do — despite the bombing of innocent civilians, despite the rationale it provides for anti-American terrorists, despite putting our sons and daughters in harm’s way. (Yes, it’s a dangerous world out there. Who do you suppose made it that way?)

X is for the Xenophobia the Republicans display against immigrants, imports, Serbs, and anyone else who gets in the way of the party’s major backers.

Y is for the unconstitutional and immoral Yugoslavian war, which Republicans not only didn’t oppose vigorously, they exploited as an opportunity to pass a ton more of their pork-barrel political payoffs.

Z is for their Zealous pursuit of the insane War on Drugs, despite its obvious failure and despite the countless human tragedies it has caused.

If you remain with the Republicans, you’re saying “well done” for the 26 betrayals listed above — providing a vote of confidence, telling the Republicans they don’t need to change.

The Libertarian Party is the only party that stands for individual liberty, personal responsibility, and much smaller government on all issues at all times. If you want to reform the Republicans (or the Democrats), the best thing you can do is support the Libertarians.

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