Recently declassified documents from the FBI confirm that the Clinton
administration approved the use of prostitutes for surveillance
activities in 1993.

Bill Clinton attended the 1993 APEC conference in Seattle along with
Chinese President Jiang Zemin. The FBI documents show that Clinton’s
Secret Service reviewed information obtained from prostitutes whose
clients were foreign officials.

Allegations that the Clinton administration authorized the FBI to use
prostitutes first surfaced in Insight magazine. Investigative journalist
Tim Maier wrote that under-age male and female prostitutes were being
used to obtain intelligence information from foreign diplomats during
the December 1993 Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) in Seattle,

In 1998, I filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request, seeking all
information on the use of prostitutes as agents during that conference.

In response, the FBI found a total of 250 pages of materials
concerning the surveillance of foreign officials using prostitutes.
According to the FBI, only 13 pages of the “Secret” and “Top Secret”
documentation could be released.

Some of the documents not released by the FBI “originated with
another Government agency.” The FBI decision to withhold the documents
is currently being appealed.

Many of the secret documents returned by the FBI were heavily blacked
out by government censors. One such FBI “Secret” document, dated
November 1993, contains a partially blacked out passage, noting that the
FBI needed to gather surveillance data “in ample time for the
information to be disseminated to Secret
Service and Department of State.”

Another secret November 1993 document, marked from “Director FBI” to
“FBI Seattle,” directs the FBI office in Washington state to pay
particular attention to a certain foreign “delegation” whose identity
remains blacked out as secret. According to the heavily classified
document, the “referenced communication provided information from a
sensitive and reliable WF source.”

The FBI document noted that the “sensitive and reliable WF source”
had provided some very important data on the unknown diplomats.
According to the top secret materials, “this information advised of a
possible” unspecified action.

Just what that action was and which of the APEC delegations were
under surveillance remains secret. The FBI determined that the
unspecified action must remain classified, and it too is blacked out “in
the interest of national security.”

Furthermore, the newly declassified documents state the FBI
surveillance activities did not end with the APEC conference in 1993.
Additional “Top Secret” FBI documents, dated in early 1995, shows that
FBI agents continued to report and exploit unofficial sources of
information on foreign diplomats.

Many of the 1995 “Top Secret” documents are also marked “SCI,” which
stands for “Secured Compartmentalized Information.” The “SCI” value
enabled the documents to remain hidden inside special FBI vaults using
the classification.

Although much of the information found by the FBI is being withheld
“in the interest of national defense,” other whole sections are not
being released because they “could reasonably be expected to disclose
the identity of a confidential source.”

Yet, the question of whether the Clinton administration used minors
as prostitutes to obtain intelligence information on foreign diplomats
remains open for debate. The FBI documents are so heavily censored that
much of the detailed information has simply not been made available.

The FBI and the Department of Justice both declined to comment on the
use of prostitutes as agents. However, Clinton administration law
enforcement officials quietly admit that the use of prostitutes to
obtain reliable information is a common police practice.

Federal officials also admitted that the use of under-age or
untrained civilians in intelligence operations poses a significant risk
and may be illegal under some circumstances. According to the same law
enforcement officials, the information
obtained is so important to U.S. national security that all necessary
means, including prostitution, must be exploited to obtain it.

It is true that export sales may have been at risk during the 1993
APEC conference but few national security issues were involved. The
Clinton administration’s use of such drastic means for a so-called
“economic” conference has raised questions about state-sponsored
commercial espionage. Is export money enough justification to use
children as sex-slaves and spies?

Some former Democrat supporters are not convinced it is correct for
the U.S. government to go to such extremes for simple commercial
espionage. Ms. Marie Jose-Ragab, President of the National Organization
for Women, Dulles, Va., chapter, recently criticized the Clinton
administration for “legitimizing” the use of prostitution for law

“There are severe consequences when the government becomes a pimp,”
stated Ms. Ragab during an exclusive WorldNetDaily interview. “It is
organized crime with the cooperation of the government.”

“This behavior legitimizes the trafficking of women, children,
body-parts and even drugs,” said Ms. Ragab. “The extra-ordinary
hypocrisy of the Clinton administration is that they manage to oppress
women under the guise of helping them.”

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