Chuck, heard about electrosmog? Can it cause health problems? – Eddy R., Anchorage, Alaska

Our world has become an intertwined entanglement of electrical wires and waves, radio, television and satellite signals, wireless and Wi-Fi networks, cell phone towers, etc. Combine those with the myriad electrical appliances in most houses, such as computers, cordless phones, microwaves, lights, refrigerators, hair dryers, etc. – and those don’t include the barrage of personal electronic gadgets that have proliferated our lives and remain in our possession 24/7.

Individually, the health risks of each of the above may be marginal, but in a cumulative sense, they end up emitting into our lives streams of what experts call “electrosmog.”

The Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine defines electrosmog as pollution through electromagnetic energy. ACAM notes that pollution should be of particular importance to every human because each of us is “a complex organization of electrical fields” held together by a body that is composed of 70 percent electrically conductive water and roughly 60 trillion electrically charged cells. From brainwaves to muscle contractions and nerve impulses, we are vast networks of electrical charges.

An electromagnetic field is a field of energy created by electrically charged objects. Just as transistor radios have competing signals, we are susceptible to other electrical frequencies. And our bodies essentially attune to surrounding electrical charges, though we are not able to distinguish between friendly electromagnetic fields and foe EMFs.

ACAM has documented several sources and studies over the years that have substantiated the negative health effects of excessive EMFs on humans. Here are just a few examples:

  • During World War II, Soviets noticed that radar operators often came down with symptoms of what we now call electrical hypersensitivity syndrome.
  • In 1956, when television was introduced in Australia, researchers reported rapid increases in cancers among people who lived near transmission towers.
  • Astronauts used to get sick when being in space and away from what are called Schumann resonances, which are extremely low-frequency waves that are Earth’s natural frequencies, causing a constant vibration that keeps our bodies attuned.
  • In 2007, the International Journal of Cancer reported on “mobile phone use and risk of glioma in five North European countries” and concluded: “We found an indication of increased risk in relation to reported ipsilateral phone use of more than 10 years duration.”
  • A University of Kuopio research group found that mobile phone radiation at just 5 watts per kilogram can amplify DNA damage caused by a chemical mutagen.
  • In 2007, the BioInitiative Working Group cited more than 2,000 studies that revealed that electrosmog’s toxic effects range from DNA damage and immune system dysfunction to brain cancer and childhood cancers, such as leukemia.
  • Experts believe that the deadliest effects of electrosmog likely are enacted when they are combined with toxins we allow in our bodies from bad diets and various pollutants. Electrosmog is a fuel for the flourishing of pathogens.

No wonder Dr. Samuel Milham, an experienced epidemiologist who studied high-frequency voltage transients and reported his findings in his book, “Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization,” concluded that the “war on cancer” has been a failure because “people have missed the major carcinogen.”

So what are we to do, seeing as we are surrounded by such vast EMFs? Of course, the solution to reducing electrosmog is minimizing the exposure and reducing bad and competing EMFs. Here are a few excellent suggestions from ACAM and other experts for reducing electrosmog:

  • Use a cell phone EMF protector and the “speaker” function or a hands-free device when talking to others.
  • Don’t place your laptop computer directly on your lap. At the very least, use anti-radiation shields and pads for all your computers.
  • Reduce the number of electrical devices in your home. Take an inventory and ask, “Do we really need this one?”
  • Call your local utility companies and ask what EMF-emitting devices and towers they use and where they are located in relation to your home. Ask also what they do to minimize EMFs.
  • Paint the interior walls of your house with shielding paint.
  • Put a shielding film on windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Make sure you have low-EMF appliances.
  • Use shielded appliance cords.
  • Install outlet timers for appliances and kill switches to turn off electricity at night that runs through the walls and cords (Protect bedrooms in particular. EMFs should be minimized there because the body rejuvenates while it sleeps).

In short, go natural. Go organic. Go green. Your health won’t resent it.

Next week in “C-Force,” I will discuss one of the newest and most pervasive emitters of electrosmog. It is being installed on nearly every building across America, including your home!

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