Rush Limbaugh returned to the microphone midweek, just in time to blast Obama’s Wednesday afternoon press conference. Limbaugh told listeners (FREE audio):

“We Americans are not perfect, but one thing we did that we will pay for decades to come – and our children and grandchildren will pay for – is the election of a man to the presidency who is historic in the sense of his ignorance, his stubbornness, his incompetence and his contempt for the American system. That’s what’s historic about Barack Obama. Not the color of his skin.”

On Thursday, commentator Mark Halperin was suspended from MSNBC for calling President Obama a “dick.” Limbaugh’s reaction? If Halperin had called George W. Bush the same thing on the air, he’d been hailed as a hero.

Michael Savage

Michele Bachmann made her presidential candidacy official, and Michael Savage opined that she had a much stronger chance of winning the White House than Sarah Palin (FREE audio):

“Frankly, I think [Bachmann would] be a decent president. I don’t care about her gaffes. Everybody makes mistakes. She is a tax attorney. I think she could win, by the way, and they’re afraid of her. Sarah Palin she’s not. ‘You Betcha’s’ out of the picture. You betcha ‘You Betcha’ is gone. I can guarantee you that. You Betcha’s finished. But Michele Bachmann’s a viable candidate for at least a 30-day cycle.”

Should prostitution be decriminalized? While discussing the “death of a civilization” – that is, of the Western world – Savage took up the subject of the world’s oldest profession and invited callers to comment (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity had an exclusive interview with Bristol Palin this week. Her new book is called “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far.” Hannity asked Palin what it was like to live under constant scrutiny from a hostile media (FREE audio).

Palin replied, “It’s challenging at times, but it’s also rewarding because my mom and I have some opportunities that we’re very passionate about.”

Following the legalization of same-sex “marriage” in New York state, Hannity probably surprised some listeners by explaining, “I’m a libertarian on this issue.”

That being said, he added, “I don’t see why this couldn’t have gone to a vote in New York so the people could decide for themselves.”

Mark Levin

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked guest Michele Bachmann if her reputation as a “flake” was deserved. Levin believes this sort of questioning proves that “conservative women are abused and smeared” by the mainstream media (FREE audio).

Bachmann came on Levin’s show to respond, telling Levin that she had accepted Wallace’s apology (FREE audio).

As far as other “Sunday show” hosts are concerned, Levin said that Wallace’s rival George Stephanopoulos is the real “flake,” castigating him for getting his facts wrong concerning the Founding Fathers’ attitudes towards slavery.

Laura Ingraham

Financial expert Larry Kudlow told Laura and her listeners that Democrats “need a 12 step program” to overcome their “obsession with ending the Bush tax cuts” (FREE audio):

“Real consumer spending has actually now fallen for the second straight month,” Ludlow reported. “And after taxes and after inflation, what’s called ‘real disposable income,’ is falling. … I mean, it really is a dismal picture, and Washington policies are not helping.”

Laura’s other guests this week included Bristol Palin and personal finance guru Dave Ramsey (FREE audio).

The biggest news, however, was that Ingraham just adopted her third child. She announced that her children Maria and Dmitri now have a new baby brother, Nikolai Peter, a 13-month-old from Russia.

Glenn Beck

On Thursday evening, Glenn Beck hosted his last television show on Fox News, ending his highly rated yet hugely controversial stint with the cable TV giant. As if to go out on a “bang,” Beck was the center of a media frenzy after he reported that he and his family had been “accosted” in a New York park over the weekend.

Different versions of what happened crisscrossed on the Internet, leading Beck and his team to investigate one witness who claimed he was exaggerating the incident. They discovered she might not be the most objective observer after all.

Speaking of “progressive” civility – or the lack thereof – Beck castigated David Carr of the New York Times for “joking” that Americans from the Midwest are dimwitted. Beck warned that making derogatory remarks about the mental capacity of entire swaths of human beings is the sort of talk that “leads to the death camps” (FREE audio).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

“Progressives” just love handing awards back and forth to each other, perhaps as a distraction from the fact that their accomplishments are so meager, not to mention of questionable value.

Case in point: Brian Maloney of the Radio Equalizer blog reports that former Air America host Randi Rhodes has been recognized by the California State Assembly for her contributions to “responsible journalism.”

Besides the fact that Rhodes isn’t an objective journalist, but a highly opinionated, biased broadcaster, Maloney points out that the “responsible” part of the formulation is equally dubious.

This is the same Randi Rhodes who – when not collapsing on the streets of New York after an evening spent at a pub (then claiming she’d been “mugged”) – has told her listeners that John McCain had been “well treated” as a Vietnam P.O.W. and opined that supporters of Mitt Romney were mass murderers in the making.

Her award was sponsored by a public sector labor union, by the way. No word on how rank-and-file members might feel about her “honor.”

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