(JEWISH WORLD) — Rabbi Mordechai Nagari of Maaleh Adumim said on Purim that the Book of Esther teaches us that Israel must act decisively when lives are on the line.

The Book of Esther recounts the tale of the Jewish people’s salvation from the genocidal aims of the wicked Haman during the reign of Ahasuerus, who ruled the Persian empire during the latter years of the Babylonian exile. Iran is the site of ancient Persia.

“Mordecai and Esther stopped to fast for three days to avert the evil decree,” Rabbi Nagari recounted. “According to the Sages it was Passover. This means that Esther had canceled the Seder and did not celebrate Passover. Why?”

Rabbi Nagari explains, “Hashem was monitoring each nation’s soul – and our very fate hung in the balance – this goes beyond ordinary rules and judgment.”

He told Arutz Sheva he did not believe the Book of Esther would pass judicial review by Israel’s Supreme Court, and that the justices would have refused to hang the genocidal Haman.

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