The Obama Justice Department and leftist groups are joining forces to marginalize Christian organizations in the political arena and falsely brand them as hate groups, according to Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council.

Last month, the FRC was targeted by a gunman who was upset with the group’s biblical stances on marriage and protecting the unborn.  The man shot and injured a security guard but was apprehended before threatening anyone else.

Blackwell and other FRC officials contend the shooter was motivated to take violent action after the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the FRC as an official hate group.

Blackwell said it’s ridiculous to say his organization is a hate group when traditional marriage has been backed in every state where the issue has been on the ballot, is the official position of the Republican Party and was the stated position of President Obama until just a few months ago.

He also contended that groups like the SPLC are getting assistance from the Obama administration because of their mutual efforts to change America from a God-fearing, freedom-loving society to one where the state is the ultimate authority.

Blackwell reported that FRC security guard Leo Johnson is making progress in his recovery but has not returned to work.

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