Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., is unloading on the mainstream media and still scratching his head about who exactly America is helping in Libya.

A member of both the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees, Wilson says this week’s murders of four diplomatic personnel bring a moment of truth to our presence there.

“I was very hesitant to see American involvement in Libya because we did not know who was who and their future intent,” Wilson told WND’s Greg Corombos. “Sadly, we can see that the ability of the central government to have a high level of control is very limited.”

He asserts that if the new Libyan leaders genuinely help us find those responsible for the killings then our relationship should continue. If not, he says our presence and money should stop.

“I would look to them,” Wilson said. “If they respond as they should, to identify the persons who have committed the murders, then we should be backing them up. But if they do not join with us in promoting every effort of justice, then there should be a suspension of our assistance.”

Wilson said Obama’s policies of reducing the size of the U.S. military is “sending a message of lack of resolve to our enemies around the world.”

He added, “Somehow, this administration has forgotten that there are people who carry signs that say, ‘Death to America,’ ‘Death to Israel.’ That’s what they mean. Of course, they were chanting it today. So we should listen. We should hear, and we should be prepared. We’ve got to have a strong military.”

Wilson has a special frustration for the mainstream media based on their treatment of Mitt Romney on this issue.  He says the endless questions about the tone and timing of Romney’s initial statement prove reporters are not interested in covering the big stories but in re-electing President Obama.

“We know the press corps out there is totally biased,” he said. “… Their whole goal is to re-elect Mr. Obama.”

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