A group of California teenagers have created a video called “Voices Without a Vote,” pleading with those who can vote in November to elect leaders who defend the U.S. Constitution and govern according to its principles.

“I’m not old enough to vote … but if I could,” the teens in the video state, “I would elect people who stand up for the blueprint of this country, people who will protect our history, our culture, our language and our borders, men and women who would uphold the separation of powers, who listen to the people, candidates who understand the Declaration of Independence, representatives [who] will protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States.”

The YouTube video, which has already been seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers, was created by a nonprofit organization called im2morro (“I’m tomorrow”), which clarifies on its website: “We don’t think of ourselves as ‘Republicans,’ ‘Democrats’ or ‘Libertarians.’ We’re Americans, independent thinkers who believe in the framework of ideals that have formed and guided this great nation for over 200 years.”

Audrea Taylor, 17, president and co-founder of im2morro, told WND her organization enlisted help from film students at John Paul the Great University in San Diego to make the video and hopes that it will only be one of many efforts to “communicate to our generation, in the way we speak, through videos and social media.”

“I hope that the video moves people to focus on the principles our nation was founded upon: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, a free market, personal responsibility,” Taylor said. “I want my generation to start owning their future, and part of that is voting.”

The video specifically calls for electing leaders who will protect First Amendment rights, the Second and Tenth Amendments and religious liberty. It quotes the Declaration of Independence’s insistence that certain unalienable rights are “endowed by our Creator.”

The video also includes some concrete and contemporary examples of the federal government exceeding its constitutionally enumerated powers: “I don’t need the government telling me what lunch to eat, what toilet to flush. I don’t need the government telling me to drive an electric car, forcing me to buy health insurance. I don’t need government giving guns to Mexican drug lords.”

It also includes a zinger of a line, pointed at those who have voted for America’s current crop of leaders: “Your temporary politicians strapped us with 16 trillion dollars in national debt. Fix it.”

Taylor told WND the idea for im2morro began in 2008, when she visited the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., and noticed far too few young people in the crowd.

“Who here is representing my generation?” she asked.

The “Voices Without a Vote” video is part of the answer that question.

“Please vote for patriots in the spirit of the Founders – patriots, candidates, who will restore constitutional America,” the teens on the video, including Taylor, plead. “Liberty is never more than one generation from extinction, and we are that generation.”

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