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One of the real danger points of our time is the infiltration of America by jihadists, many of whom are coming in with waves of refugees.

Much debate has ensued since outgoing President Barack Obama began opening the doors of our shores to ever-increasing numbers of refugees from Syria and Iraq. Oddly, only a handful of those refugees have been Christians; the rest are Muslim.

How odd indeed.

Weak-kneed Washington establishment-types caved to Obama, and now that President Donald Trump is attempting to put the brakes on such immigration through what he calls “extreme vetting,” he is being attacked on all sides, from clueless college students to seasoned political operatives and media hacks.

All this makes a new book by Leo Hohmann especially timely. “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad” will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

And that’s a good thing.

Too many Americans either want to stick their heads in the sand, or wring their hands over their perception that we must “welcome the stranger” no matter the cost. In actual fact, the demons of ISIS are already making their way here and will exist in sleeper cells until they determine the time is right to unleash jihad on Americans. Hohmann outlines this and much more in “Stealth Invasion.”

The author makes a critical point, that only one side in this new war is fully engaged. That is the enemy:

With such huge stakes, it’s remarkable that so few Americans are aware of what’s happening. Most of us are lost in our diversions – sports, music, movies, work, and families who need our attention. The buzz of everyday life, filled with mindless media offerings, is too noisy for reality to penetrate. So we continue life in the matrix with a false view of reality.

He’s right. Very few Americans really know anything about Islam. They don’t know that the Koran commands the true believer to conquer the world for Allah. For many Americans, this is hyperbole. For the jihadist, one engaged in “holy war,” it is real life.

What Hohmann uncovers is staggering. Consider that a busload of Somalis in 2015 were processed in California, then released to enter the American city of their choice. Now consider another group’s experience:

Contrast the treatment of the busload of Somali Muslims with another group of asylum seekers who tried to cross the U.S.-Mexico border at about the same time, in April and May 2015. A group of 27 Chaldean Christians from Iraq set out to cross the border and were detained and held for six months; five of them were charged criminally with falsifying their asylum applications and the rest were promptly deported by the Obama administration.

I think we know what was going on within the Obama administration. Let’s use common sense. Perhaps Trump can turn things around, but the fact is, we already have a jihadist presence on our soil, and it entered under stealth.

In Chapter 8 (“Transforming Small-Town America”), Hohmann gets to the heart of the matter. While we understand jihadists settle in places like New York City and Los Angeles, the really scary thing is realizing they are in Everytown, USA.

You really should read how a small town in Minnesota was virtually taken over by Somali immigrants, and when tensions flared in the workplace and at schools, groups like the Muslim Brotherhood intervened with local and state officials to side with … the Muslim immigrants. Such outrage is happening all over, courtesy of successive American governments and a leftist agenda that is entrenched.

Hohmann also bravely – correctly – points out some of our own are aiding and abetting the enemy:

Once these Islamists gain control of a country, with the help of their leftist allies, the political game is over. It’s too late at that point to push back with political activism, freedom of information requests, political campaigns, billboards, and letters to the editor. If we fight only on this level, it leaves us naked before God when those worldly options are taken away.

We are left with a shallow, hollowed-out church lacking the Spirit of God, a shell of its former self, with houses of worship that look and sound more like mausoleums. Where prayer warriors and bold preachers once came to worship, we increasingly see prayerless purveyors of a milquetoast social gospel. Their messages may sound politically correct, but they lack the power to change lives.

Wake up before it’s too late! “Stealth Invasion” will help show you the way.

This is one of the most important books you’ll read this year.

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