I’m beginning to wonder: Has America’s NSA has been too busy with spying on Americans to bother with North Korea and their nukes?

It was Bill Clinton, of course, who fixed the North Korean problem by paying them not to build nukes. Perhaps there was some language confusion, and they thought the money was to build nukes. That seems to be what happened. Maybe that’s why Hillary was supposed to become president? To pay North Korea more to not build more nukes.

With the Obama administration, the NSA became fully weaponized as the tool of choice to conduct opposition research and provide the necessary blackmail evidence to destroy any non-elitist candidate who might still have thought that the NSA’s targets were rogue regimes rattling nukes or stirring chemical weapons in other parts of the world.

Perhaps the real targets were always Americans; or rather, Americans with whom the reigning political party disagreed. As I asked at the beginning of Obama’s reign of domestic terror, why would anyone expect Chicago politics to be any different once it moved from Chicago and into the White House?

The CIA and the FBI also wanted to get into the game of picking winners by destroying the competition. Both the CIA and the NSA had their entrails handed to them by their own leakers, who placed our software espionage tools Americans had paid billions of dollars to develop onto hacker sites worldwide. These organizations must be a complete joke among Russian, Chinese and probably North Korean intelligence agencies.

Or maybe the tools were intentionally released by NSA and CIA. Maybe those organizations wanted plausible deniability when variants of their tools were used to plant evidence on a political suspect’s computer. To change the texts or email contents. Who’s to know who actually did the deed? The agency? The hackers? Or another agency battling for budgetary power against one with compromised code?

Maybe the FBI generates its warrants by using illegal intercepts from these agencies. Maybe they lie to the secret courts that issue the warrants. Is that where the FBI’s warrants for Manafort came from? The Constitution is so burdensome by requiring evidence of a crime and descriptions of what is to be seized. Under constitutional law, it would be overly difficult for the administration in power to prevent a new one from winning the next election. Is that the real reason Hillary was convinced she couldn’t lose?

If we had a Congress that was worth a penny on the dollar of what we actually pay for it, that congress would cancel its summer town-hall lovefests (it’s not an election year), go back to the Capitol and when they arrived begin discussing the amount of rope to buy and where to build the gallows. A coup is no less a coup because it is being conducted in secret. This behavior won’t end until those perpetrating it are brought to justice.

Why are big media and the deep state so close together in the tank for this coup? Did they have something else in mind for America besides another election? Stop braying at the ideological idiots writing the news and the talking fools discussing it. The real problem is well above them in the organizations sponsoring this domestic terror. It’s time for some housecleaning in the executive offices. These are publicly traded companies responsible to the public for their actions.

Paging Congress … paging Congress.

What a great way to remember the 2017 Eclipse!

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