I believe there’s something suspicious about the great number of congressional Republicans not seeking re-election in 2018. Roll Call reports that on average 22 House Republicans retire each cycle. But according to NPR, we’re looking at a record number of Republicans leaving Capitol Hill. I’m not prepared to believe they have all decided they’ve served long enough and now it’s time to say goodbye to the lobbyists, glitz and glamor, and head back to the farm.

Being elected to Congress is the greatest welfare job available. There are only a total of 535 of those Access welfare cards available, and even at that they are not all available at once.

Paul Ryan’s announcement that he would not seek re-election brings the number of House Republicans leaving the chamber to 39 for the moment.

Granted, several are not seeking re-election to the House in order to run for a Senate seat, while a couple others have decided to run for governor of their respective states. And one congressman isn’t seeking re-election because he is awaiting confirmation as NASA administrator. Notwithstanding, my suspicions are that the great number of Republicans choosing to leave office at this point is not an accident, especially since many of their seats can be flipped by Democrats.

My suspicions are that many leaving office have been coerced, with the promise of lucrative positions for them and/or their families. Some are being forced not to seek re-election because they’ve been caught in compromising behavior. There are those who have been outed for their amoral behavior and use of taxpayer monies to buy their way out of the consequences for their immoral behavior. I remind you that the public still doesn’t know the names of all of the representatives who spent over $17 million to cover up their sexual improprieties. Nor have the names of all of the representatives who used taxpayer money to pay for the abortions of staff members and, in one alleged case, the abortion of a daughter’s friend he was involved with.

I do not believe it is singularly Democratic operatives who are behind forcing Republicans out of the door. The past behavior of Karl Rove and the overall behavior of George Soros force me to ask the question: “Are the two men somehow working together to derail the president We the People constitutionally elected?”

The “Never Trumpers” have never gone away. The shadowy figures who do the bidding of their Republican overlords will never forgive Donald Trump for snatching presidential victory for us, from the jaws of certain defeat if Jeb Bush had won the Republican presidential nomination as Rove et al. had planned.

I spoke with a colleague on Capitol Hill who assured me that my suspicions are not out of the realm of possibility. Keep in mind – there were no few members of the Republican illuminati who were willing to see Hillary Clinton win if it meant keeping Donald Trump out of office. Keep in mind that Paul Ryan opposed President Trump at every turn, and remember also that only months ago Ryan was assuring all who would listen that he wasn’t leaving Congress.

If the Republican elitists were willing to see Clinton win to prevent Donald Trump from winning, why wouldn’t they use the loss of GOP seats in the House to attempt to impeach President Trump? As my colleague said, any impeachment proceedings supported by Republicans need not result in forcing President Trump out of office. It only needs to damage him to the point that he is less than a lame duck. Political and personal destruction of President Trump would be sweet revenge to them.

Remember that it was Ben Ginsberg, one the most ghostly servants of the Republican overlords, who told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams that there were two machinations Republican elites could deploy to deny then-candidate Trump the nomination (which he did not identify). This was immediately following the June 7, 2016, primaries.

These are only my suspicions, but the fact remains that the Republican illuminati orchestrating the defeat and destruction of candidates they despise is not new. Rove and company have a long-rumored history of such machinations.

The Republican enemies hate President Trump as much a George Soros does; and in politics the bromide that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is quantifiable truth.

Republican elites and their overlords, in conjunction with Democrats and other dark allies like Soros, have tried without success to damage President Trump and marginalize him. Do not for a moment underestimate their willingness to destroy what’s left of the Republican Party, if it means destroying President Trump in the process.

If I’m right, these machinations would serve to oust someone the elitists never wanted, and it would put We the People in our place, because in their minds we have no right to elect the president of our choice. We are to elect whom they tell us to elect. And they’ll do whatever it takes to make sure we learn our lesson.

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