The reparations movement for leftist blacks in America may have just hit the jackpot. All this time they have been trying to vilify the right and turn the government to their cause, and for decades they have essentially missed the mark.

What is the Reparations Movement?

Well, according to the website, “Reparations Movement for Justice,” the movement entails, “Restoration, Restitution and Reparation. This is for Money, Gold, and Land Owed to African Americans (The Freedman Bureau Bill: 400 Years of Back pay).”

Is that back pay with or without interest, and would it be adjusted for inflation? Just questions that need to be answered.

Oops, I guess I found my answer: “The demand from Congress is $1M in gold as back pay with investment interest from Jan. 1, 1863, to present time.” That’s a lot of scratch. Just adjusting for inflation and not taking into account investment income, $1 million back then would be worth close to $29 million today.

The Movement also demands, “$21B per year ongoing. $3.2B will go directly to member churches. 10-million jobs will be created within a 7-14 year period, and Housing, Education and Community initiatives will also be supported.”

For decades this has been a pipe dream. But there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel, and it came by way of a black political vlogger named Bryan Sharpe, aka “Hotep Jesus,” who strolled into an ultra-liberal Starbucks (they’re all ultra-liberal) and demanded free coffee, as reparations for centuries of slavery. And he received it. Whether his ancestors were slaves or not is, I suppose, immaterial.

He also invited other blacks to do the same, as part of what he calls “#StarbucksChallenge.”

Sharpe, a conservative, pulled off this stunt to highlight the nature of liberal “white guilt” and to show how modern “racism is a business.” He was just doing what Rush Limbaugh often refers to as demonstrating absurdity by being absurd.

However the Black Lives Matter (BLM) gang could learn something and use this incident to their advantage. Think of all the time they’ve wasted trying to demand reparations from conservatives and the government, when they could have been going after the abundance of ultra-liberal businesses in America like Starbucks.

It wouldn’t be difficult to find them. All they have to do is compile a list of all the spineless businesses that have jumped ship at the first sign of controversy from conservatives over the years. Advertisers who broke ties with Rush, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, the laundry list who separated themselves from the NRA, etc. Not to mention the businesses that advertise on liberal sites. These companies, like Starbucks, can be a potential goldmine, as they have already proven themselves to be completely gutless.

However, unlike years gone by, the “pipe dream” of government reparations may be making a comeback after all.

A group, known as the Democracy Alliance, calls it the “Way to Win: 2022 Victory Party. It’s 2022 and we are celebrating policy victories across the nation: Medicare for All and Free College, and next on the agenda is Reparations,” the group projected.

So while BLM is hard at work shaking down liberal businesses, wealthy leftist donors are, “plotting the future of the liberal movement hoping to be fighting for reparations by 2022.” It’s like a two-pronged social justice attack.

I think this is a winning combination. Hope they try it.

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