Donald Trump said he would build a wall on our Southern border and that Mexico would pay for it.

He was cheered and was elected – that campaign promise being an important part of his appeal to voters.

Whether Democrats like it or not, the average American is not happy that foreigners from Mexico and other countries can cross our border easily and illegally and disappear into our population.

Well, they don’t really “disappear.” We see them everywhere, seemingly not worrying a bit that they all should be deported. We’re constantly told that they fear ICE – but it doesn’t stop them from living their lives as though they’re entitled to everything we have.

Across the country, social services departments are overloaded with illegal aliens taking advantage of our generosity in the form of housing subsidies, food stamps, medical care, legal advice, transportation assistance and whatever else is there for them.

In many cases, allowances are made for them to vote in various local, county and even state elections. It’s been made easy for them to get driver’s licenses. In fact, the latest figures released show that more than one million illegal aliens – ooh sorry, undocumented immigrants – in California have gotten driver’s licenses. They have to prove their identity and that they live in the state, but, unlike citizens, they don’t have to carry insurance!

Our schools are crowded with students from other countries, many of whom are illiterate in their own languages but also not able to speak English. If it weren’t bad enough that our teachers have to contend with discipline problems in the classrooms due to cultural differences, they also have students who do not speak the language.

Our courts and jails are filled with illegal aliens who have broken our laws – intentionally and not. Regardless, it makes for major problems in terms of cost, manpower and jail space. The growth of violent gang activities across the country is directly connected with the illegal alien problems and that merges with the drug scene.

Too many of those people crossing our southern border are far beyond innocent folk looking for a peaceful life. The actions of the drug cartels bringing literally billions of dollars of illegal drugs and guns across the border has the result of increasing criminal activity in our country.

If you have any doubts, talk to border county sheriffs or Border Patrol agents, or just the local cops in border towns and cities. Talk to ranchers and businessmen who have to deal with the criminal activity on their properties by the illegals – theft, property destruction, killing of ranch animals and attacks on residents, including murder.

No, I am not exaggerating. I have been there and talked to those people and know what kind of dangers are around them all the time on their own properties and in their own homes and businesses.

You don’t hear about that on your evening news or read of that in your newspapers. It’s a part of the invasion by illegals across our border that is conveniently ignored because it spoils the scenario we’ve been fed that they are just peaceful people looking for a safer life.

Remember that caravan of people heading north from Central America toward the United States? Did you look at them? Did you wonder how it was that virtually all of them were young men?

Think about it. If life in their home country was so awful and dangerous – why did those “brave” men split and leave the women and children there, still in danger?

One can assume there’s another motive here.

And speaking of motives, how was it that several thousand people from Central America were able to cross the Southern Mexican border and move north through that country with virtually no problem?

Are you aware that, historically, Mexico has had troops along its Southern border, and anyone crossing illegally was apprehended, arrested and jailed?

It’s interesting that when those illegals aim to cross illegally into the United States, Mexico makes it easy for them to pass through their country.

President Trump wants troops at our border, and finally California’s Gov. Jerry Brown agreed that he would accept federal funds to have National Guard troops there, but they will not enforce immigration laws.

That’s not exactly what Trump had in mind, but old Jerry – who just celebrated his 80th birthday – is doing what he feels is the “right” thing for his state.

Gov. Brown says the National Guardsmen at the border will be there to “combat transnational crime – gangs, drugs, guns and human trafficking,” and he went on to say, they’ll “not be on a mission to build a new wall.”

Brown may be hanging tough on his position against the wall, but he’s being pressured from both sides. Democrats are leaning on him to oppose whatever Trump wants while at the same time the “anti-sanctuary state movement” across the state continues to grow as more towns and cities are taking public stands against it.

There clearly is a divide between what “the people” want and what politicians want to impose on them.

It’s hard to understand how we got to the point that there are American citizens who think it’s OK to open our borders to the world, and it doesn’t help that religion has gotten involved. Eight Catholic bishops along the border said they’re concerned about having troops on the border, that it isn’t a “war zone.”

Their statement went on that “seeking refuge” and “a peaceful life” is not a crime.

Nothing like heaping on guilt on people to get what you want.

So while samples of what the wall might look like are being built and trips to the border by politicians to take a look make headlines, the reality is that so far, it’s lots of hot air and not much being accomplished.

Considering how important an issue this is, it’s sad we take it so nonchalantly.

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