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Egypt berates Hamas leaders for instigating violent clash

(Dailywire) On Monday, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyah was summoned to Cairo by Egyptian officials, who reportedly gave him a tongue-lashing over Hamas’ “riot policy.”

As Israel HaYom reports, a senior Egyptian official reported that Haniyah was summoned to Egyptian intelligence service headquarters early Monday afternoon; General Intelligence Service head Maj. Gen. Abbas Kamal hotly criticized Haniyah for the violence caused by Hamas. Israel HaYom states, “The official said Egyptian officials were stunned by the high number of casualties and angered by information provided by Israel that proved Hamas was paying civilians, including children, to place ‎themselves in harm’s way by approaching the fence ‎and clashing with IDF soldiers so as to allow Hamas ‎operatives to blend into the crowd and try to ‎carry out terrorist attacks.”

Egyptian intelligence officers discovered that other terrorist groups in Gaza agreed with them about Hamas’s provocations on the border and were concerned that the internal differences inside Gaza were pushing it to the brink of chaos.