The stupidity of liberalism knows no bounds. We see it everywhere, from Obamacare to climate change to a myriad of foreign policy debacles. There are dozens, if not hundreds, to choose from.

Forced integration in schools is another of these dimwitted leftist feel-good notions. If people are segregating beyond the government’s liking, just declare it unjustly discriminatory and pass a law to change things. That will fix it. Usurping human nature always does.

For decades the federal government has attempted to usurp human nature’s desire to self-segregate – busing children to far off schools in the name of integration, because the government knows best. Yet, according to leftists, we still have a school segregation problem.

But fear not, for Thomas Scott-Railton, a recent Yale Law School graduate, may have found the answer, as reported by the Atlantic.

“He takes what are normally viewed as discrete issue areas – K-12 segregation, college admissions, and the lack of diversity at top universities – and says, what if those can all be addressed together?” His idea is to, “reduce K-12 segregation by reforming the college-admissions process.”

And how does he propose to do this? Simple – another mandated affirmative action program. His brilliant scheme is to force college admissions officers to “look favorably on students who attended an economically integrated school.” Translation: poor-performing schools.

Naturally, as a leftist, Mr. Railton did not use the term “force.” He merely suggested that these admissions officers “would” look favorably. He neglected to add the “or else.”

Railton surmises that integration would take care of itself, if those “who attended schools with a certain threshold of low-income students” were given preferential treatment. This would incentivize wealthier white parents to send their children to these under-performing schools.

Yes, I as a parent want little Johnny or Janey to get into that elite university, so to do so, I am going to enroll him or her in this inner-city “integrated” high school. Um – I don’t think so, but then I’m not a liberal. Of course, if I were an elitist liberal I would send my kid to private school while demanding integration for everyone else.

Just how did young Mr. Railton come up with this unorthodox plan? Well, he did so by listening to another leftist academic reporting on school segregation in St. Louis.

Evidently, there is a Missouri law that states if a school loses it accreditation, “the state permits any student enrolled to transfer to a nearby accredited one.”

Nikole Hannah-Jones (the other leftist) reported on a recent school board meeting in suburban St. Louis, filled with more affluent whitey-white parents. They were afraid that these new additions to their school would “bring increased crime, violence and disease,” and that the new additions would erode the academic standing and accreditation of their school.

Of course, little thought was wasted by these leftists as to the reasons behind why the “black children’s district had recently lost its accreditation due to poor academic performance.” Just that it had. The report did add that it was the same school district that Michael Brown, the gentle giant, attended. So they have that going for them.

Any reasonable person would assign blame and disgust that the under-performing school had failed the “black children” and propose developing a method of improving the performance of the “black children’s” school. But liberals would never dare to go there. Rather Railton proposes to do the socialist thing – spread the misery equally – dumbing down the good school and lowering their aggregate accreditation scores.

Railton agreed that this would happen, but that it would all be taken care of by means of social engineering – dumbing down the college admissions process. This way, more kids who shouldn’t get into college do and more that should are locked out.

But, as we know, for leftists, it’s all about diversity, fairness and leveling the playing field. Don’t allow parents to decide what’s best for their children nor let the marketplace to take care of it.

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