It’s a real steal!

Former Chipotle’s restaurant manager Jeanette Ortiz, accused of swiping $626 dollars from the company safe, transforms a career-altering smear into a lifetime’s job of counting cash – her own. How?


Fired in 2015, Ortiz, the Fresno, California mother of nine, was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. And the follow-up shocker that the restaurant chain she’d dedicated 14 years of her life to had no interest in her, outside of work. She’d stolen from the company, after all. Upper management had it on video tape.

Did restaurant chain management share the videotape with Ortiz? No. Did they destroy the video tape? Who knows? The damning evidence was never produced. Considering investigators discovered that Chipotle destroyed all text messages and managerial notation regarding Ortiz’s termination, the charge of wrongful termination wasn’t a hard case to make – just long in coming.

As Newser tells it, a rep for Chipotle on Friday told Nation’s Restaurant News the chain is “disappointed with the verdict in this case and [plans] to appeal this decision.”

You think? Disappointed? Heck yeah. Check out the clip below:

The former manager who used to pull down $70K is now rolling in it while Chipotle is neck-deep in something far less appealing.

We can only hope Ortiz doesn’t get a carpel tunnel flare-up thumbing through all those bills. But Chipotle is determined to help her out now, filing a countersuit to stall on having to pay the woman. Some folks never learn.

(Black bra and panties says it all about refugee and host country relations at Cornell)

(Black bra and panties says it all about refugee and host country relations at Cornell)

Take if off – take it all off

Well, she wasn’t precisely naked, but Cornell student Letitia Chai’s stripped off her short shorts and T-shirt after her professor indicated – during a practice senior thesis exercise – that presenting in short shorts isn’t professional. Why? Presenters ideally want their material to garner the attention, not their clothes or lack thereof. This is a no-brainer.

Sexual harassment is also a problem in the workplace, no?

So why a woman would present in short shorts is a curious thing. Who knows? But Cornell is in the Ivy League, and so projecting a business demeanor in your underwear must be next on the agenda of #MeToo. But, hey, What’s Trending has this to say: “Policing women’s dress codes has always been an odd thing that some teachers do that reveals so much more about their own prejudices and sexual hang-ups than it does about the actual outfits.”

Oh, yes. Seasoned Cornell professor Rebekah Maggor must be hung up in some way, hung up on professionalism in the real world. Shame on her for passing on this peripheral tidbit to a young woman who apparently hasn’t received the lesson of professional standards.

The following will give you an idea of how impassioned Chai is about refugee/host country relations:

But Chai sent out a plea for solidarity the Wednesday before her practice run, specifically to tackle the bane of being asked to question oneself, in this case, one’s appearance, for the comfort of others. So, did she wear short shorts to provoke comment? Could be. Did she livestream her presentation to garner sympathy and to spin the facts into some pity-part of supposed female, racist oppression? Who can really say?

Take a look at these serious presenters in the video below and see how hung up you may be prior to judging:

Did you notice the soda jerk’s fascination with the product? If not, you’re obviously hung up. But Ms. Chai, so gloriously liberated, speaks for the upcoming masses who would take no issue with a thesis presentation given by a man in a Speedo (but that’s fodder for another column), much like the reason why a woman so zealously driven to reveal herself as nothing but a human being would choose to shackle herself in the chains of a black bra and panties. Such attire is historically linked with women’s oppression and objectification.

The beleaguered student did ask others to strip in protest with her, targeting the dreaded authority – a woman with professional experience, promoting professionalism. Oh, the inhumanity!

Interestingly, however, Chai’s presentation explored the crazy dynamic of refugee/guest host relations. The strip tease could be considered enactment art – demonstrating the cultural disconnect that often happens when refugees fail to acknowledge the reasonable sensibilities of their host.

Mutual respect is apparently passé, too.

Cat (Pexels copyright free image)

On the lighter side – cat yoga!

Want to relax? Be uplifted after contemplating dimwitted management tactics and snowflakes that persist despite warm weather and wake-up calls?

Check out the following clip of unadulterated, simple kitty cuteness:

The NKLA Animal Shelter hosting these yoga sessions allows participants to adopt the kitty of their choice. The looks on some of these cat’s faces shows far more intelligence than it takes to present at Cornell.

But it was fun to watch them just the same.

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