The opposing political party always criticizes a president. The GOP had no great words to support Barack Obama. Neither had the Democrats much praise for George W. Bush.

But in addition to the headwinds from political opponents, some of whom have largely built their voice on criticism of President Donald Trump – such as Maxine Waters’ “Impeach 45” mantra that appears virtually daily – the media have been on the bash-Trump bandwagon ever since, well, before he was elected.

It’s not doing what Trump haters hope, apparently.

A posting Wednesday from Rasmussen Reports is headlined, “Is Trump-Bashing Backfiring on the Democrats?” and then suggests the answer is yes.

“Eighteen months after Election Day, many Democrats and their allies in Hollywood and the media continue to attack President Trump in an unprecedented fashion. But few voters think it will pay off for Trump’s opponents in the next election,” the report said.

Forty-three percent of likely U.S. voters “think there is too much Trump-bashing going on in the popular culture today,” the report said.

“Thirty percent say there isn’t enough, while 21 percent feel the level of Trump-bashing is about right.”

The results actually raise questions about that 30 percent, since studies show at least 90 percent of media coverage of President Trump so far has been negative.

Rasmussen continued, “But only 23 percent say they are less likely to vote for a candidate who supports the president because of the current level of Trump-bashing. Thirty-six percent (36 percent) are more likely to vote for a pro-Trump candidate. Slightly more (38 percent) say the ongoing attacks on the president will have no impact on their vote.”

Even among Democrats, the report said, only 36 percent “say the current Trump-bashing makes them less likely to vote for a candidate who supports the president. Fifty-eight percent (58 percent) of Republicans are more likely to vote for such a candidate.”

“Among voters not affiliated with either major party, a plurality (48 percent) says the Trump-bashing will have no impact on their vote, but 25 percent are more likely to vote for a pro-Trump candidate,” the report said.

This perhaps reflects Trump’s work so far … reducing taxes, pushing North Korea into tentative plans to meet, throwing out a faulty Iran nuclear deal, demanding fairness in economic pacts in which the U.S. takes part, cutting funding to terrorists, the elimination of anti-Christian policies from the Obama era, and more.

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