Kathy Griffin's stunt with mock beheading

Kathy Griffin’s stunt with mock beheading

Entertainment personality Kathy Griffin, whose view of comedy apparently is to think of something really vile, and say it about the president, is at it again.

On Twitter, she released a statement about the president’s current trip to Europe and points beyond, to meet with NATO allies, Russian president Vladimir Putin, and others.

“Oh good god,” she said. “Trump will drop to his knees and blow this dictator. Trump will swallow. Erdogan is now a dictator, no longer a democratically elected president.”

Then she added “F— Trump.”

And she cited a report from Al Jazeera on the inauguration of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the chief of Turkey.

Breitbart reported, “The article does not mention Trump once, nor does it mention the many assucations against Erdogan for being a ‘dictator,’ as Griffin suggested. Instead, the article lists other dictators and unsavory international personages that Erdogan invited to his inauguration, including Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamed Al Thani.”

Erdogan, in fact, long has held powers that many dictators envy, and has grown increasingly anti-American in recent years. It’s no secret that he holds visions of a re-created Islamic caliphate, like the Ottoman empire of centuries back.

Erdogan visited Trump in Washington a little over a year ago, with several political points on his agenda, but failed.

In fact, he left the country with law-enforcement officers expressing great interested in his personal security team for beating up Kurdish protesters in the Washington.

Turkey is part of NATO, and Trump was meeting with its officials starting Wednesday.

With the results of the newest Turkish election, Erdogan not only retains the office of president but also has expanded powers of decree, which he is expected to use “to expand Islamic education and reverse modernization and secularization of the public square,” Breitbart reported.

Griffin has become known mainly for her extremist statements lately.

On one talk show, “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” she abruptly claimed that Fox News host Sean Hannity and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus were going to jail.

She didn’t explain why.

She also, on ABC, made the stunning claim that President Trump ordered federal agents to make her life miserable.

And then there was her interview with an Australian talk show in which she said, “I’m going to call [Trump] a moron and a Nazi. Americans are skittish about calling him a Nazi, but he is one. There’s a Nazi in the Oval Office.”

Her name moved into the headlines only a few weeks earlier, when she posed in a bloody photo shoot with a mock head of a decapitated President Trump.

See TMZ video of the photo shoot:

CNN promptly fired her.

And the stunt prompted the Secret Service to investigate.

At the time, Griffin apologized and begged for forgiveness. But in August, she said she’s not longer sorry for her actions and that anger against her was “ridiculous” and overblown.

See Griffin’s video apology:

But she keeps returning to her attacks on the president, at one point claiming she would be happy to deliver a beat down to Barron Trump, the president’s young son.


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