(Krugersdorp News) A British farmer who lives in Muldersdrift was arrested on charges of attempted murder after he fired shots with a paintball gun into the ground to warn a trespasser to leave his land.

The owner was driving on his premises on Friday, 6 July, when he found a man walking in at his gate and onto his property. He asked the man to leave because he was trespassing, but the man refused.

“Politely, I asked him again to leave my property or I would call the police and have him arrested for trespassing. The man exclaimed, ‘The police would never arrest me’. Again I insisted he step off my property. This man replied, ‘I’m going to stand here’, pointing to a strip of land between my borderline and the road.

The owner got back into his car and waited for a minute or so to watch what the man was doing. He walked along Driefontein Road in the direction of a nearby lodge. The owner watched until he was about 300m away, then proceeded to his appointment.

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