Muslim organizations in India have failed in their effort to have the wink of an actress in a movie censored as blasphemous.

A clip of the wink by Indian actress Priya Varrier has gone viral on the internet, with millions of views since the movie trailer was released in February.

It’s here:

Organizations representing Muslims, who are a large minority in India, claimed the winking and giggling in what they called a sacred song that references the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s wife was “blasphemy.”

The Malaysian-language movie, “Oru Adaar Love,” is about teen love, and Varrier plays the role of a student.

BBC News reported Friday that India’s Supreme Court dismissed the complaint.

Dipak Mishra, the chief justice, said, “Somebody in a film sings a song and you have no other job but to file a case.”

Varrier petitioned the high court after police registered a case demanding the song be censored, BBC reported.

The film shows a schoolgirl and schoolboy exchanging eyebrow wiggles and winks.

In an interview with BBC, Varrier noted that after the clip went viral, she became known as the “winking sensation” and “winking queen.”

The film still is scheduled to be released next month.

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