Mr. January

Mr. January

Putin poses for 2019 calendar

The political machine pulls out all the stops.

Leaves are falling and the year is coming to a close. Focus is shifting to 2019, at least for forward thinkers. Enter Vladimir Putin.

Does the former KGB agent, now the presiding power in Russia, “plan to test NATO’s resolve by seizing small islands belonging to Estonia, taking control of Libya’s oil reserves, or using ‘irregular forces’ to attack troops?” as reported by Spirit Daily?

Great Britain seems to think so, as “UK cyber war games that could shut off electricity in Russia’s capital” are now a regular part of the program, according to Sunday Times reports.

But political projections aside, Putin is on the march. His goal? Garnering Vlad groupies.

No kidding. While non-profits create a calendar as a means of fundraising, Putin’s latest foray into bare-chested propaganda can only be attributed to steeping interest in the man himself.

Women may want him? Men may want to be him? The Putin calendar is a regular feature, targeting religious Russians, sentimental softies, and those who yearn for the bad old days of supposed Russian dominance with a crisply suited alpha man to lead the way.

Check out the video below for details:

Whatever your take, there has to be some serious public relations behind photo shots of Russia’s president cuddling a fluffy puppy. But political opposition to the Putin machine will be crushed; if not by policies, then by means of pushing a softer side that just may smother you.

Women are always innocent and wholesome, right?

Women are always innocent and wholesome, right?

Get ’em young – bring ’em up right!

The crazies in America – ladies, sorry – are on the march, too. Where they’re going doesn’t matter. (Anyone asking will be shouted down and branded sexist.) Tazing the troops into a frenzy that allows for zero thought and connecting any dots is the way to go.

Men are evil, after all. They exist to use women for whatever nefarious purpose may take shape in the ether. The Y chromosome – the primary additive that makes a male male – is effectively tainted with an incurable deformity and thus must be quarantined or beat into submission. (That doesn’t apply to women who desire to transition into a male. That is their “idea” of what male should mean. Translated: an entity with no genetic male attributes and no man. This is good.)

Women – those fanatical-eyed arbiters of all that’s holy – are incapable of evil. Don’t deny it or you’ll be subject to something far worse than a Putin panzer parade. Women’s intentions are always pure and humanitarian.

Women are the golden goddess destined to crush the patriarchy, even if that means trampling other women. Dissidents – regardless of gender – will be forcefully lobotomized by way of social media hype, left-leaning social justice workers, and the wholesale indoctrination of other people’s children. (The most die-hard femi-nazis don’t reproduce, as killing the unborn is the only way to express true belief in one’s sexual autonomy. Pro-life is code word for men seeking control over women, so stop having babies already. Men will be forcibly transformed into women, if not by surgical procedures than by a brain washing that’ll slap you upside an old-style washboard and wring you out until anything close to masculinity is squeezed out onto the dirt.)

Check out what 15-year-old “politicized Emilia” has to say on Twitter. (Fake social media accounts are strictly reserved for Russian bots attempting to make America actually stick up for America. That doesn’t make much sense, but we’re talking unreal women here. They’re always innocent or purely motivated. Remember that, or suffer the slander!).

PoliticalEmelia 10-6-18

Funny, but what happened at the confirmation of Kavanaugh was a lesson in the Constitution. It was cautionary tale about fabrications and the need to take ownership of one’s behavior. (Including being 15 and sneaking past one’s parental protection to guzzle beer at a party with no adult supervision.) It’s odd how Dr. Blasey Ford, the blinking and seemingly absent professor who was clueless as to how to contact the courts, knows enough not to press her charges of sexual assault in a Maryland court, a court wherein there is no statute of limitations on sexual assault charges.

But “terrified” Emelia will never know the facts. Facts aren’t for women. That’s what this emotional explosion of females behaving badly has to say to the nation. Check out the poisoned fruit – male and female – in the following video:

What’s truly terrifying is withholding context from young people so they are intentionally malformed. But fear based on half-truths and emotion makes them easy to use. Overthrowing the rule of law to usher in an accusations-only society won’t help women, men, or anyone except those who desire to live on the backs of progressive idiots.

But that’s today’s women’s movement, a tool that bludgeons everyone. It’s time for a house cleaning, ladies.

Women deserve better. And, like the video speakers say, teenagers should know right from wrong. But they’ll never learn if nobody teaches them.

Andrea Bocelli and son. Ban them! Bring down the patriarchy!

Andrea Bocelli and son. Ban them! Bring down the patriarchy!

Evil male singer forces son to follow footsteps

If you’re mad, good!

Check out the following video of Andrea Bocelli enforcing his patriarchal dream of a son singing like he does. The results are horrifying:

Andrea Bocelli has this to say: “”Anyone who is a parent, anyone who knows the precious responsibility of being a mother or a father, will fully grasp the meaning of this piece. ‘Fall On Me’ is the first time I have duetted with my son Matteo Bocelli.”

Some may think it’s beautiful that the senior Bocelli takes his role as a father seriously, but others, more enlightened, will realize that the man has only succeeded in suppressing his slave of a wife to church out a copy of himself.


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