WASHINGTON – While the digital monopoly “Speech-Code Cartel” continues to squeeze the alternative, independent media – including WND, the original online news pioneer – journalism sites like WND are scrambling to survive in this hostile new online environment by reinventing themselves in many key ways.

As part of that reevaluation and reinvention, WND is leaving behind one of the super-giants of Silicon Valley – Oracle-Netsuite – in favor of a new e-commerce partner: Texas-based

Although there may be a few hiccups along the way as the transition is completed, it’s time to introduce readers to the new WND Superstore – which will save WND money so it can remain a free, independent and influential media voice, not only in the news it reports and publishes, but in the books, movies and other products it offers to the public.

“The alternative, independent media have been targeted for extinction by a cabal of digital online monopolies,” says Joseph Farah, who founded WND back in 1997, long before many of these internet Goliaths even existed. “They were all very friendly in the beginning. But more recently – in the age of Trump – they have been baring their teeth, revealing their true nature. They don’t believe in tolerance and diversity as they suggest. They believe in a totalitarian-style hammerlock control on speech, the press, expressions of faith, and impacting the way Americans vote. In other words, they want it all – without dissent, dialogue, debate.”

Amazon is banning books – and being urged to do so by members of the Democratic Party leadership. Apple is censoring podcasts. Google is censoring and suppressing all independent media. YouTube is blacklisting anything frowned upon by the left-wing extremists of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Facebook blocks political advertising and whatever it happens to deem “hate speech.” Twitter is even considering whether it should ban the president of the United States!

This is the brave new tyrannical world of what once promised to be the greatest forum of ideas and information in history. But the playing field has suddenly become extremely uneven.

Today, WND takes one more step in its reassertion of independence and liberty with a new e-commerce site.

“We urge you to try it,” says Farah. “You may find this new store doesn’t recognize you as a past customer. We hope you will give us a little grace and have a little patience with us, because you are our lifeline in this titanic fight to slay these dragons, these billion-dollar behemoths, and to keep the promise of inalienable, God-given rights of free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and free elections alive.”

So, what’s new in the new WND Superstore?

  • There’s Joseph Farah’s highly acclaimed new “breakthrough Bible Book,” “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament,” hailed by dozens of top Christian scholars, leaders and personalities – from Franklin Graham to Mike Huckabee and from Greg Laurie to Eric Metaxas.
  • There’s prolific Christian author Rod Gragg’s newest release – “The Word: The History of the Bible and How It Came to Us.”
  • There are old favorites too, like Whistleblower Magazine, the only monthly devoted to brilliantly exploring a single crucial issue inside-out in 48 pages. Subscribers say it’s the only magazine they read cover-to-cover – in one sitting – as soon as they receive it. Each Whistleblower issue is not only timeless, but lives up to the publication’s motto – “credible, independent, fearless.”
  • Can’t keep up with breaking news every day? There’s WND Weekly, the digital review of the week’s top stories repackaged, re-edited, re-focused with compelling graphics and illustrations – and no ADS!
  • And don’t forget this is the new place to support WND with your life-sustaining contributions to the original alternative, independent, credible and fearless online news pioneer, WND.

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