While political watchers speculate whether or not twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will again toss her hat in the ring for the White House race in 2020, there’s a suggestion about an alternative career for the former first lady.

Selling cough syrup.

“I think what Hillary ought to do is call Robitussin and volunteer to be spokeswoman,” radio host Rush Limbaugh quipped on his national broadcast Monday.

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

“Now, hear me out. She has to be rebranded. And it all begins with embracing her trademark cough.”

“Everybody is painfully aware of this,” Limbaugh continued. “It may have cost her the presidency, that and not being able to get in a van. And you know somebody would pay her to do it. People are rushing to give the Obamas and the Clintons money left and right.”


Mrs. Clinton’s health became a major issue in the 2016 campaign against Donald Trump, as she suffered numerous coughing fits, and had trouble standing and entering a van in what was claimed to be a case of dehydration.

Even recently, she has had return bouts of serious coughing.

“Hillary Clinton’s cough is a major negative,” Limbaugh explained. “It was so bad – by the way, the Clintons drew – I forgot the numbers – about 3,500 people in a 14,000-seat arena that they had to keep cordoning off and cordoning off and roping off and curtaining off to make it look like it was full. Nobody showed. This was … in Toronto, Canada. Nobody showed up. She had a coughing spasm in the middle of it.”


The radio host noted that “Clinton Foundation donations have dried up. … They were raking in literal hundreds of millions of dollars when Hillary was running for president because people thought they were buying influence on the come. And then when Hillary loses, the donations dried up.”

Thus, Limbaugh said he thinks the timing is right to commence a new financial venture by representing the Robitussin brand of cough syrup.

“I think Hillary’s best shot at profiting from her latest celebrity – and that’s what the Clintons are all about, is profit. Do not doubt me. The Clintons have been all about money ever since Whitewater going back to when they were both in Arkansas. All of their friends and donors, understand, mega wealthy, filthy rich. The Clintons didn’t have anything, and they wanted to be in that crowd. They wanted to have money. So they stole stuff from the White House on their way out claiming they were broke. They stole silverware. They stole place settings. They seal sheets and stuff out of the White House when they left in 2000, claiming that they were broke.”

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