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Woman's disturbing death note to her aborted baby goes viral

(MRCtv) A woman who posted a disturbing death note to her aborted baby has gone viral, garnering messages ranging from utter disgust and shocked sorrow to full-fledged praise and support.

In a Wednesday Facebook post that’s already been shared more than 21,000 times, Skyla Rose Loesch posted her seven-week ultrasound photo along with a short message recognizing her unborn child’s humanity and claiming to love him, but explaining she killed him anyway because it just wasn’t a convenient time to have another child.

“Baby, I loved you with all my heart but you just weren’t meant to be with us right now. We’re going through a lot and you deserved all the love in the world. Your brother and sister would’ve loved you too. Rest Easy baby love. You’ll never be forgotten,” Loesch posted along with the photo and an unsettling post-it note with her child’s date of death.