(FOX) — A woman suffering from seizures, hallucinations and paranoia for more than two months finally found relief after doctors discovered a massive growth on her ovary, which triggered a rare autoimmune disease in her brain. Lorina Gutierrez, of New Mexico, was even admitted to a psychiatric ward after she became delusional and turned violent, SWNS reported.

“I was so scared, it was like she was possessed,” Stephen Gutierrez, Lorina’s husband, told the news agency. “The night after she came home from the ER we were up the whole night. She couldn’t sleep and she was just talking gibberish. She kept saying ‘We need to get out of here, we need to leave.’ She kept getting up and trying to leave the house.”

Stephen Gutierrez said doctors asked if his wife had been drinking or using drugs and suggested that Lorina might be experiencing a nervous breakdown or depression.

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