The most remarkable element in President Trump’s TV address to the nation in the stand-off with Congress is the attack on the current billion-dollar drug mafia in America. It is quite a puzzle. Why do the media discourage President Trump’s fight against the illegal activity along the U.S. borders? Who profits from open borders if not the American drug cartels whose criminal activity is dependent on illegal access to the United States? Who profits from human trafficking? In whose interest is it to push for an illegal immigration that lowers the wages of unskilled workers and keeps the billion-dollar drug industry running? And why on earth does the Democratic Party so fervently support the illegal activity that produces anarchy in the U.S.?

To cite Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, President Trump addressed “the 266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records, the 100,000 assaults, the 30,000 sex crimes, the 4,000 violent killings, the 1 in 3 women sexually assaulted on the trek through Mexico, the 20,000 migrant children illegally brought into the U.S. last month.”

The 1930s Chicago-controlling Mafia seems completely innocent compared to the drug cartels that run this business in the USA today. Back then, the Mafioso bosses ordered the killings of individuals who opposed their illegal activities in the entertainment industry, drugs, prostitution, gambling and so on. Who are the Mafioso controlling America today? As the president pointed out, the illegal drug trade is a wide and national epidemic. Somebody high up profits by the billions.

It is well known that the drug industry has exploded in the West, Afghanistan alone now counting for over 90 percent of the production of heroin, with massive growth after the U.S. takeover. “Thirty years too late” comes a president who wants to deal with today’s American drug lords, yet somehow the mainstream media support the criminal activity along the southern border, or at least, does not want to stop it.

So, who owns mainstream media? Over 90 percent of the U.S. media are owned by only six corporations with widespread interest in the development of a globalist, transnational capitalist system that profits from lack of national sovereignty. The transnational business model that characterizes globalism is dependent on weak nation states that easily may be overrun by global corporations that crush local businesses in country after country.

And globalism has worked, it has reinforced an international economic model that departs from the nation-based capitalist system and benefits the ultra-rich in an unprecedented scale. Globalism has produced a system in which 62 persons now own over 50 percent of world assets, only made possible by the transnational business model that refuses to redistribute wealth when outsourcing jobs. Naturally, President Trump, who wants to reinforce national borders and strengthen national sovereignty, becomes an annoying enemy.

Ironically, it is the Democratic Party that fights for the rights of the super-rich. The speaker of the House, a Democrat whose mother came from the notorious Southern Italy, Nancy Pelosi of California, even pronounced Trump’s border wall “an immorality,” to which Democrats cheered and agreed.

Pelosi knows perfectly well that the flow of immigrants enter the U.S. illegally and against U.S. law, that their presence pushes the current wages-level down, that the legal immigrants voted for Trump to stop the illegal immigration. Who has conveniently managed to sway Pelosi from supporting local, legal workers to fighting for criminal activity?

The question is: In whose interest is it to not make America safe? Who profits from anarchy and sub-groups in society fighting in this age of identity politics? Who profits from the millions of young Americans on narcotics, sold outside schools, given to children? And who profits from the lowering of wages and the disruption of civil society?

One of the dramatic effects of illegal immigration is that the wages are pushed down. The illegal and unskilled immigrants gladly work for lower wages and are easily exploited. Statistics show that a high number of legal immigrants voted for Trump, many stating that the reason was his planned crackdown on illegal immigration. One may argue that the globalist, transnational agenda pushes for lower wages in the U.S. and that illegal immigration over its southern borders is vital to attain this goal.

What we are witnessing is a historic showdown of power between the New World Order globalist, transnational elite and the Old World Order that wants to retain national borders and the sovereignty of nations. “Thirty years too late” comes a president who fights for the law-abiding and hard-working citizens in the attempt to rebuild American strength. We wish the president good luck in his endeavors.

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