On Aug. 10, 1628, Sweden – a respected military power – launched the largest and most expensive warship ever – dubbed Vasa. Swedes gathered to watch the monstrous vessel’s launch. Taking two years to build, Vasa took only 30 minutes to sink. Using a grandiose design plan, builders ignored simple math, leaving a top-heavy ship to keel over – memorializing a most embarrassing moment in Swedish military history.

On Feb. 7, 2019, America suffered a “Vasa moment” – the launch of the Democrats’ ill-designed, impractical and outrageously costly Green New Deal (GND).

Sponsors included democratic-socialist New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey. Six Democratic Party presidential hopefuls support the resolution that, theoretically, seeks to remove America’s carbon footprint by 2030.

Concerning this proposal, wisdom suggests ignoring the infamous advice of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2010 who, when queried about Obamacare, suggested, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Passing Obamacare generated hidden nightmares. GND will do it in spades.

GND supporters say it fights climate change, creating jobs in renewable energy. It demands initiatives like electric-car manufacturing expansion, upgrading all existing buildings to be energy efficient, expanding passenger rail service to eliminate air travel, etc. Intertwined with these various infrastructure initiatives, however, is a socialist’s wish list, including gender-based justice, universal income, Medicare for all, wealth equalization and reparations.

Concerning a high-speed passenger train, GND’s timing could not be worse. California just announced its rail project of a few hundred miles is well on its way to exceeding $100 billion and will be shortened.

GND gained guffaws from critics by mentioning the need to work with farmers in eliminating emissions from “farting” cows. Other than mixing large doses of Beano into cattle feed or making cows “extinct,” this problem may well make space travel to Mars look easy. If bovines could only comprehend that Democrats were giving serious thought to this, they undoubtedly would wonder if “mad cow” disease has a human counterpart.

For years we have heard the sky is falling from global warming activists. One – a NASA scientist – warned in 2006 the planet would suffer a major climate catastrophe in ten years. Apparently, we slept through it.

Nor can we forget the “Caped Crusader” of global warming activism, former Vice President Al Gore. A bellwether for global warming warnings that consistently never materialized, he has made a lucrative career of it. So lucrative has it been, Gore is described as “our first carbon billionaire,” undoubtedly giving AOC mixed feelings.

It would be interesting to know, of all lawmakers supporting GND, how many actually read the proposal. Just like “red” triggers a bull, mentioning “green” does the same for progressives. They may have climbed onboard the GND bandwagon only after “seeing green.”

Pelosi alluded to this recently. Unlike Obamacare, which she embraced with a vengeance, she referenced GND dismissively with, “The green dream or whatever they call it. Hobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, right?”

One Senate Democrat skeptical about the proposal is Mazie Hirono of Hawaii. Representing Hawaii, she was not too enthusiastic about high-speed rail transportation replacing airplanes, noting, “That would be pretty hard for Hawaii.”

While taking a broad approach on many levels, GND fails to address two critical issues: cost and funding source. Realistically, the cost will run into trillions of dollars – one conservative estimate says $49.109 trillion – quite a bit more than the revenues generated by a 70 percent tax rate on a handful of American billionaires. This comes too at a time our national debt has hit $22 trillion.

As broad-ranged as GND is, one assumes AOC and her supporters would have put a great deal of effort into its launch. But, like Vasa, GND’s launch was short-lived before trouble hit. Conflicts arose between what was published online about GND and what its promoters were publicly saying. As a result, the website was pulled. The media are accused of conspiring to hide AOC’s faulty launch.

A top GND adviser, Robert Hockett, interviewed by Fox’s Tucker Carlson, adamantly denied the proposal provided for paying people “unwilling” to work, as the website stated. Later, discovering he was wrong, Hockett corrected himself. However, when AOC was criticized as well for this assertion, she played the victim card, falsely claiming Republicans were circulating parody versions of GND.

GND has generated energy in the form of energetic criticism among those believing the plan is a bust. Heritage Fellow Nick Loris acknowledged, “We all want clean and affordable energy to fuel our economy and improve our lives. But,” he adds, “the so-called Green New Deal would make energy unaffordable and devastate the economy, hitting working-class Americans the hardest.” While seeking to fundamentally change how energy is produced, crops harvested, livestock raised, homes built, cars driven and goods manufactured, it would generate no meaningful climate benefit.

One damning critic suggested while AOC can call GND whatever she wants, it is “in no way a ‘plan’ or a ‘program.’ It’s a wish list,” adding, “an all-compassing wish list – an untrammeled Dear Santa letter without form, purpose, borders, or basis in reality.”

Even liberal-supporting unions are voicing GND skepticism as “potentially dangerous to rank and file blue collar workers.” Clearly, GND has failed to win over a core element of Democrats’ base.

GND supporters really need to remove the green lens through which they are gazing, replacing it with the lens of reality.

Just like the NASA scientist who gave a 10-year warning a climate catastrophe would occur, AOC now apparently has the inside scoop, forewarning us the world will end in 12 years unless we take immediate action to save it. Neither sharing how she computed this nor GND’s costs, AOC sounds more like a Vasa-designer mathematician.

Meanwhile, the only way a 12-year end-of-the-world scenario might become reality is if AOC is re-elected to the House five more times.

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